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Lunettes sans Frontière

According to the WHO more than 1 billion people live with visual impairment.

L’ŒIL DE TOKYO works alongside Lunettes sans Frontière

Since 1974, the association has collected, restored and sent pairs of glasses for the benefit of underprivileged people in schools around the world.

1 pair purchased = 1 pair donated to an NGO 🤝

For each pair of L'ŒIL DE TOKYO purchased online or in store, a pair of sunglasses is offered to the Lunettes sans Frontière association. The sun is a major factor in vision deterioration. Raising awareness and equipping young people with sunglasses can significantly reduce damage.

Second-View collection 🕊️

We organize every day on our website and in store the collection of old pairs of glasses which will be restored to give them a second life for children and teachers who cannot afford them. Here the volunteers of the Lunettes sans Frontière association carry out exceptional administrative work to match the donor's correction with that required by the donee.

Donate my old glasses in one click!

An old pair of glasses lying around in your drawer? So this short form will allow you to make a miraculous donation to a person in need.


Improving access to vision care in emerging and “pre-emerging” countries


Increased productivity up to 32%


Increase in monthly salary up to 20%

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