Is it still possible to find a high quality pair of glasses at a resonable price?

Our answer is yes,

In Japan.

Did you know that the Nike brand was born in 1962 in Japan?

At that time, its founder Phill Knight ( pictured on the right ) was still a student when he decided to meet Japanese manufacturers with the aim of bringing the best sports shoe in the world back to the United States.

To the question "Why Japan?", Phill Knight already had the answer and history proved him right. Quality is always right.

Meeting with the Tenyou Workshop (テンヨー工場) in Ōfuna

Like P.Knight, we went to Japan in 2019 to meet eyewear manufacturers.

A few weeks passed before we finally found the pair. Then two hours south of Tokyo, in the heart of Ofuna, the immediate chemistry with the designers and manufacturers of Maison Tenyou marked the beginning of the adventure.

Together, we defined L'ŒIL DE TOKYO's mission: To make eyewear that is durable in terms of material and quality accessible all over the world.

Here Augustin (Co-founder) and Chi-san (Tenyou) present the first models in 2019.

Network of partner opticians

In France and Europe, we are deploying physical sales areas in the shops of our partner opticians, the best there are.

Each partner undertakes to respect the prices of the online store for standard products (excluding display) to guarantee our common customers transparency and consistency, which are the values ​​of L'ŒIL DE TOKYO.

Here Maxence (Co-founder) and Jeremie from BUCI Optique our very first partner.