Hand assembled in Japan

For us, quality revolves around the combination of several elements: choosing the right suppliers for our materials, choosing protective glasses of impeccable quality, whether for UV glasses but also the anti-blue light lenses.

But it is in the assembly and control that the harmonization of quality lies.

Thus all of our glasses are assembled by hand in Japan. A team dedicated to quality control checks the integrity of each product so that it meets the specifications that you send us with each of your returns. 

A little

history ...

Kaoru ISHIKAWA. The name might not ring a bell, yet this man is known to be the inventor of quality circles. He is the creator of a revolutionary management method called Total Quality. This method, replicated in the West since, aims to know the customer's requirements in order to anticipate the appearance of possible defects and to determine the best "cost-quality" adequacy.

Beyond the simple qualitative aspect, Japanese manufactures stand out with unparalleled creativity. Indeed, the Kaizen strategy better known as continuous improvement pushes companies to improve their productivity while valuing the work of each individual.

Our design house Tenyou, by making the techniques previously mentioned its vision, allows us to offer exceptional products at the right price. 

UV400 sun protection.

In Japan, the sun is considered public enemy number 1. Indeed, the Japanese are particularly concerned about the dangers associated with UV radiation. In order to meet these local requirements, Japanese opticians have perfected impeccable processing qualities with the aim of offering both a optimal visual comfort and an maximum protection.
Through the Eye of Tokyo, we want to share this vision with you by making quality sunglasses available at the right price.

UV400 protection

At your sight

Unique design

Blue light in japan

The young Japanese population suffers from their consumption of screens. Indeed, a young Japanese person spends an average of 8 hours on his smartphone and more than 10 hours a day in front of the screens. This activity has a direct impact on his health, in particular they develop an “acute accommodative convergent strabismus”. The main reason for this diagnosis is that the eye is constantly attacked by harmful blue light which keeps the eye muscles tight.

If this scourge is gradually arriving in France, a simple solution exists: anti-blue light glasses.