Blue Light in Japan

The most striking thing during our first trip to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto was to see the invasion of screens in the daily life of the Japanese increased by the installation of giant advertising diffusers which illuminate the streets 24 hours a day.

Faced with this permanent overexposure at the origin of many vision disturbances and health, our Japanese opticians have developed some of the best anti-blue light lenses on the market. These are able to block localized harmful emissions and effectively reduce the risk of visual acuity degradation.

The Eye of Tokyo Anti-Blue Light

Prevents headaches associated with consuming screens

Reduces visual fatigue

Reduces optic muscle contraction

Prevents sleep disturbances

Created by students for students

The students and young graduates spend on average 9 hours per day in front of the screens. Indeed smartphones, tablets and laptops are an integral part of our life as young adults. The blue light emitted by screens has a short wavelength highly charged with energy. The latter is at the origin of a deterioration of visual acuity and of various symptoms such as sleep disorders, headaches or even visual fatigue.

That’s why we have designed a range of high quality Japanese blue light shielding glasses. Their lenses, among the most protective on the market, filter 90% of blue light up to 410 nm and 40% from 410 to 450 nm. This technology makes it possible to fight effectively against symptoms associated with the consumption of screens.